January 8, 2009

Holdin' myself accountable...

Every year starts as with new goals, aspirations and dreams. I have been really looking forward to the new year to start fresh and to just be a better person all the way around.

I thought long and hard about "resolutions," but those just flame out after a month or two. I need accountability. I have come to terms that only I can hold myself accountable. Other people have just as much on their mind and plate as I do and it's just not fair to expect others to hold me accountable.

So here is my accountability list for myself:

Bible Study/Devotional
  • I have slipped in this area of my life. I have gotten into the habit of saying I don't have time. That's like saying I don't have time for my Savior. I don't want to go there anymore!!

Better wife / mom

  • Being a good mom has been my priority since my sweet Lil'D came into our life. I can honestly say that I have given 100 percent to Lil'D! It's the one thing I haven't lagged in!
  • I have not been the best wife I could be. My sweet J is so wonderful that he doesn't even let it bother him. (at least I can't see it or haven't taken the time to see it) He gives of himself all the time. He is so selfless and is always trying to make my world better. He is always trying to make better what I feel is falling apart. He deserves so much more than I give. I will be better!
Time Management
  • I really need to look at my schedule everyday and use ALL of my time wisely.
  • I need to schedule ME time...very important!
  • My true goal here is to include some craftiness/creative time! This would be an indulgence!


  • This is always on the back burner for me. It's just so hard for me to get to this place. (when you see my schedule you will understand) My husband had been doing a lot of the cooking during the week. BUT, I have no excuse for the weekends except for laziness and being selfish with my time. (more like wasteful)
  • Let's start with cooking one day on the weekend. That's realistic huh?


  • I have just lagged in this area almost completely. I have done everything I can to keep our "living" area tidied. I have let our master bath and our room completely go. I've got to find a balance here.

Working out

  • This has to be done everyday. If I'm ever going to loose the 30 pounds I put on with my pregnancy (my son is 2 1/2) I've got to do this EVERYDAY, no ifs ands or buts!!
  • I have found the "perfect" workout for me and my time constraints. Its about 30 minutes everyday. Lil'D even likes to watch me workout and joins in sometimes.


  • I have put this on the back burner for a long time. I'm just not me without doing this. I have a list as long as California for projects I would like to do!!
These are my priorities that I will hold myself accountable to. I feel completely overwhelmed writing all this out. I hope to find peace in my schedule somehow.

I know that with the Lord's help I will find it in the time he wants me to.

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