January 10, 2009

Letters to Lil'D...

My sweet boy,

We have survived our first week of potty training together. It has been very rewarding and very trying. It all started last Saturday morning when we introduced you to your new big boy training pants. The morning was a little difficult trying to get you to understand the concept. For all of your 2 1/2 years you have never had to think about controlling anything your body does. Once we accidentally caught pee-pee in the potty, you got candy and understood the concept. Pee-pee in the potty = candy. Ok, got it. You stayed dry the rest of the day. I'm still putting diapers on you at nap time and nighttime.

I think the change in your routine has your emotions all mixed up. One minute you are as happy as a lark, the next you are melting down crying and no consoling will help. Each day that I took you to Pam's you challenged me and tried your best to get YOUR way. Finally by Thursday Pam told me to just drop you off and she would take care of taking you potty first thing. It worked. You were still trying to test and get control, but Pam did win because Friday you stayed dry all day. You were even cooperative when we got home. You went potty right away and stayed dry for your Auntie E until bedtime.

I love to hear "OK, mama." Those are the best words and they make me so happy. I heard it a lot today. I cleaned your room today and you went through ALL your toys with me. I packed up all your baby toys. You had a hard time letting a few of them go, but only because they were in front of you. Once they were packed in a box you forgot about them. I completely rearranged your room. (The designer in me that just can't let the furniture sit in one place too long) Good thing you are used to it by now. I think I've changed your room around about 5 or 6 times now. I took some photos of your room and your favorite toys at the moment.

Here they are:
This is what your room looks like today:

I edited a few of the photos because your name is spelled out underneath the Padres logo.

Here are a few of your favorite toys:

This is your Thomas Action Canyon set. You love sitting in the center of the circle and then letting the train go down the big hill.

This is your drum and your musical instrument collection. You LOVE drums!

This lion sleeps with you every night. You love him, but haven't given him a name yet. I am waiting to hear what his name is one day.

You love playing with this shape sorter!!

This is your moo bowling set. You love to bowl with just about anything!!

This is your kid's meal toys from all different kinds of restaurants. You've got a really great collection of these!!!

One last thing. We went to Soup Plantation tonight and ate muffins, soup and ice cream. Mommy faced her first potty time in a public restroom. You decided that you didn't want to go, but at least I faced it for the first time. I was pretty nervous about it. I still do not look forward to next time. I'm sure the more I do it the better I will get, just as you will about going potty and staying dry. We ran by target to get some special foaming soap for washing your hands and made it home after on hour and 15 minutes. You were dry!!! I was so proud. You got a sucker for it!!

All my love,

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