January 9, 2009

1st thrifty shoppin' trip of the year...

The best part of this whole shopping trip is I wasn't expecting it!

After work I ran by Office Depot to get a new 3 or 5 subject notebook. I have 4 pages left in the one I bought in September 2007. I keep all my to do lists, phone calls and notes for work in it. On the way to the notebooks I spotted a display bin in the middle of the main aisle marked Hot Deals. I saw sharpies, highlighters, glue, scissors, tape, pens and more marked anywhere from $1.50 - 20cents. I immediately had my hands too full and had to go get a basket. I was so excited. Here is a photo of what I came home with:

Here is a list of what I got...retail price...clearance price

  • 12 pk Sharpie Minis $9.99, $1.50
  • 12 pk Sharpie Minis $9.99, $1.50
  • 4 pack Sharpie Fine Minis $3.99, .50cents
  • 4 pk Sharpie Ultra Fine Minis $5.00, .50cents
  • 4 pk Sharpie Accent Highlighters $3.99, .50cents
  • 18 pk Office Depot glue sticks $5.91, .50cents
  • 1 Foray Dry Erase board cleaner $2.00, .20cents
  • 4 pk Foray Retractable Highlighters $5.99, .20cents
  • 2 pk Fine Pink Sharpies $1.99, .50cents
  • 2 pk Sharpie RT retractables $2.00, .50cents
  • 2 calculator pouches $7.99, 99cents
  • 4 pk Expo dry erase markers $5.99, .20cents
  • 1 pr Scotch household scissors .99cents, .20cents
  • 6 pk Crayola True To Life Markers $3.75, .99cents
  • 1 pink case (for phone, camera...etc) $9.99, $1.00
  • 2 pk Packaging tape and dispenser $7.99, $2.00
  • 10 pk PaperMate ballpoint pens, 49center, .20cents

Retail price: $99.09 What I paid: $16.35

Can you believe it? I love sharpies and they are just too expensive to justify ever buying them. I love all things office supplies.

I especially love a bargain!!!!!

I'm off to test out my sharpies!


Tiffany said...

Oh man, I love me some mini sharpies... guess where I am going tomorrow?

Kaydee said...

I wish I could have gone with you. And I'm glad it is not just me who thinks that Sharpies, while very cool and handy to have around, are pretty expensive!