October 24, 2007

Weigh in...WEEK FIVE

Start weight (09-18-07) - 166
Weight 1st wednesday (09-26-07) - 161
Weight 2nd wednesday (10-03-07) - 159
Weight 3nd wednesday (10-10-07) - 161
Weight 4th wednesday (10-17-07) - 162
Weight 5th wednesday (10-24-07) - 162

Well, I have just flat out been goofing off. I worked out last Monday. I was just too lazy to work out at all last week and this week, the air quality with the fires is just not working out conditions. I've got to take control and just do it.

I had really good eating habits last week, but while my parents were here this past weekend I just ate whatever I wanted. Then, with the fires I have been doing a lot of emotional eating. Again, I've just got to take control and get back on track.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Mama Bear June said...

Hope you aren't too close to the fires! Hang in there. Next week will be better.
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