October 14, 2007

The weekend...

I know, it's really been a while since I have blogged about everything going on in my life. Here are the last 3 days in a nutshell:


I took Lil'D to daycare and went back home. I have the day off because I originally thought Pam was not working the whole day. She told me on Thursday evening that she can work half day and everyone else is coming so why don't I bring Lil'D and do something for myself. How nice. When I got back home I cleaned my kitchen counters. There is nothing like sparkling clean kitchen counters!! I prepared my crockpot dinner for tonight. I pounded come chicken breasts and wrapped mozzarella and ham in them and popped them in the crockpot along with some mushroom soup. I started organizing everything in Lil'D's room. Every month I have to store clothes that he has grown out of. I have been using huggies diaper boxes to store everything. It looks horrible. I really need to buy some plastic storage boxes. It will look much better! After storing everything, I rearranged the furniture in his room to accommodate his new toy box shelves. I am much happier with the layout now. After his room with arranged I went to pick up Lil'D at 12:45. We went to the dollar store. I love the dollar store. I always find something I need. I got plastic thanksgiving tablecloths. They are really cute and it's better that just plain. We always have Thanksgiving at our house. I also got a bath mitt with a dalmatian on it for Lil'D. He puts it on his arm and makes it growl. It's really cute. I also got a plastic container to put in my truck to hold toys. They are everywhere and I just need a place to keep them contained!! We headed home and Lil'D fell asleep. I put him down for his nap when we got home. He didn't fall asleep right away. I cleaned out my truck. It so needed it!! My parents will be coming next weekend and I really didn't want them to see that. I need to clean the truck out once a week! It's just toys and stuff. It just takes over. J came home at about 2pm. We sat down and relaxed and watched some tv. It was a nice break! Lil'D woke up at about 4pm. We had Chicken Cordon Blu for dinner. It was probably the best crockpot meal I had made in the past 2 weeks. We all went to Costco after dinner. We needed everything: diapers, wipes, and water. Lil'D didn't seem to be feeling good, he was burping a lot. I teased him when we got in the truck. Please don't throw up in my truck, at least wait till we get home. He is only one, he couldn't have known what I was saying, could he? Sure enough, when we got home he started throwing up on the carpet in the living room. He didn't cry or get upset. He just stood there, throwing up. Poor little guy. He sure felt better afterwards. I took all his clothes off and J cleaned up the puke. Lil'D was running around so happy. We gave him a bath, gave him some pedialyte and he went to bed just fine. We were all supposed to go to the Mira Mesa Highschool football game, but of course after that Lil'D needed to go to bed. I went by myself. My niece, Andy, was performing in halftime. Tonight was probably the only night I could see them perform the entire halftime show. It was a really nice halftime. They are a really good band. They even sang in Latin at one part. I went home after halftime and Lil'D was still sleeping soundly. Needless to say, it was a crazy day!


We all went to the airshow. Lil'D loved all the airplanes and jets! We bought ear protection for him and he figured out towards the end why he needed to wear them. The Thunderbirds flew and just when they are doing a beautiful flyover in a diamond configuration, a lone jet comes out of nowhere flying fast and loud. I managed to get Lil'D's ears covered fast. It didn't bother him, but all the kids around us were crying. We had a really nice day and Lil'D even took a nap as we walked back to the car.

Click here to see photos!!


J went to the Charger game. Lil'D and I stayed home and I organized all his toys. He took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. I just sat in front of the tv and relaxed. It was a nice relaxing day!

It was a really nice weekend overall. I wish I could take 3 day weekends all the time!

Have a lovely day!!

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Kaydee said...

I missed the air show this year! It looked like a lot of fun. BYW - That is a really cool wagon!