October 29, 2007

The weekend...

Another weekend update. I will eventually get back into blogging everyday. I will do my best this week. I know there are a lot of old friends and family that read this. This weekend just whizzed by and I'm already ready for next weekend and Monday isn't even over yet.

I got up at 5:30, got myself ready...it was one of those days when I couldn't figure out what I was going to wear. I didn't like anything I put on. I finally was ready and went to go wake up Lil'D. I noticed that he was a little warm but continued to change his diaper and dress him. I fixed his oatmeal and fed him and realized he was acting a little weird and he was still warm. I brought out the cookies and tried to distract him while I took his temperature under his arm. The last couple of seconds he was getting antsy. Sure enough he had about 100degree temp. I cleaned him up from the cookie and let him down to play. I called Pam and left a message that Lil'D wouldn't be coming in to daycare today because he had a fever. I also had to call my boss and let him know I wouldn't be able to come in. We had a 7:30am meeting scheduled. He was ok with it. I guess he had to be. Lil'D and I played with every toy he owns. It was nice, I just wish he didn't have a fever. I also put in a call to the helpline for the doctor. I know that a lot of children's medication' just got pulled off the shelf and I didn't want to give him anything to reduce his fever without asking the doctor. I was right in waiting. The doctor said not to give it to him unless he had 102. When I put him down for his first nap he was tired. He slept for an hour and I woke him up. Pam and I have only been letting him sleep an hour for his morning nap, because we want to keep the second nap and eventually he won't take a morning nap.

So, yeah, I woke him up. Mr. C.R.A.B.B.Y. P.A.N.T.S. arrived. He just wouldn't stop crying and whining. This was totally not normal for him. I got out some yogurt, but every time I lagged in giving him the next bite he cried. He cried even harder after I told him the yogurt was all gone. I tried to play with him and divert his attention. I finally decided to take him for a ride in the car. That worked!!! He calmed down and we went back home and played some more. I put on the baby channel and we watched a little tv together. We had lunch. His fever seemed to be fading, but his nose was just non-stop running. And don't get me started on sneezing. EEww. Poor sweet boy, he was just miserable. I finally put him down for his afternoon nap at about 2pm.

J got home at about the same time Lil'D woke up. I don't wake him up for his afternoon nap. I let him wake up on his own. Mr. C.R.A.B.B.Y was back again. J thought there was something wrong with him. But I guess if you think about when you have a fever, your head is all stopped up, your nose just won't stop running and you wake up in a bad mood...we would cry hard to, if we could. We ended up taking him for a ride in the car again. He calmed down and we got dinner and Lil'D was happy again. We went to IKEA and Lil'D had so much fun in the kid's department. There are steps and a slide. He was in heaven. They also have little tents that are so cute. J couldn't resist and bought him one. We got home at about 7pm, we gave Lil'D a bath and put him to bed! He had a rough day. He didn't have a fever when I put him to bed. Thank goodness! I was exhausted from the day.


First thing this morning J installed Lil'D's new light. The house we live in is...is...weird. There are no ceiling lights in any of the rooms except for the dining room and the kitchen. The 3 bedrooms have outlets that are connected to the light switch and you have to plug a lamp in to get any lights. The living room is the same way. It drives me batty. Especially since Lil'D used to knock down the torchiere in the living room and I had to move it behind the sofa. Now he is knocking down his torchiere in his room. We got a light to hang on a hook so that Lil'D can't reach it.

We didn't do a whole lot today. We went to North County Fair mall to get out since we had been couped up all weekend. We had lunch at Red Robin. Lil'D loves cantaloupe and strawberries...and tortillas and chicken. Not cheese so much. He picked apart the quesadillas. It was fun to watch him take the cheese off.

We got back home at about 2pm and put Lil'D down for his nap. He absolutely didn't want to go to sleep. He has started this new thing. He puts his fingers in the back of his mouth and chews on them because he is teething back there. Well, he has figured out if he puts his finger far enough back, he gags. He did this with Pam one day to. Sure enough about an hour after I had put him down for his nap. I hear him gag, twice. I go in there and sure enough he made himself throw up. I don't think he like the result. Hopefully, he learned not to do it again, because it hurts. Of all the things, he knows how to make himself throw up. That's what I get for have the perfect baby that never spit up...ever. I was really fortunate. It always comes around in some shape or form.

So no afternoon nap...fun times. He held on the rest of the day. We went to Target and he got really tired. Eat, bath to bed early. He was out like a light.


Poor little boy, he coughed and coughed all night. J got up with him and gave him water and held him a little. He went back to sleep. What a sweet daddy!

The plan today was to go to the Charger game, but I was just having a hard time leaving Lil'D. I work during the week and only get to see him for an hour in the morning, then 2 1/2 hours in the evening. It is soooo hard to let someone else take him, especially a charger game because you have to get to the game early to avoid traffic, the game lasts about 3 hours, then you fight traffic to get back home. The whole outing is about 5-6 hours. AND since Lil'D was up coughing, leaving him with a babysitter could possibly mess up the naps and he really needed his sleep today. So, J went to the game and Lil'D and I had a fun day together. We had lots of fun and only had 3 timeouts. After putting him to bed my allergies flared up big time. I went to bed at 8:30pm. 9 hours of sleep for me. After this weekend they were well deserved!!!!

-Until tomorrow!

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