October 24, 2007

Weekend update...fires...

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I have been so busy and now with the fires going on, I just don't feel like blogging.

Last week was just a crazy work week. I just had so much going on that when I got home I was just too tired to write anything.


This weekend was really great. My Mom & Dad got to my house at about 1pm. Lil'D was so shy at first. It took a while for him to warm up to them. Once he finally realized I wasn't going to leave him with them he was fine. On Sunday we all went to the swap meet, it was really a great time. We were all worn out from it. All the rest of the time was spent with Lil'D. Mom & Dad were playing with him and interacting with him as much as they could get in. Thank goodness that my Dad decided to leave on Sunday night because if they would have left on Monday morning, they would have had a hard time getting out of San Diego. The wind kicked up at about 9:30pm and the smoke smell was starting to be noticeable. I decided to close all of the windows. I am really glad I did.

I was fine Monday morning. I took Lil'D to daycare and went in to work for a while. I started panicking once they evacuated Scripps Ranch. That is very close to our house. I immediately starting packing everything up. We were ready to go if our area got evacuated. Lil'D was completely safe where he was. He was definitely safer there, than where we were. Plus, I didn't want him to feel our anxiety while we were packing up our belongings. We would have evacuated to J's Mom & Dad's house, which is the area that Lil'D was. It was very eye opening as to what was important and what was not. I packed a suitcase of clothes for J & I, another suitcase with clothes for Lil'D. I had already put all my photos in 2 large storage boxes. I had done this from the scare we had 4 years ago. I also pulled all of our photos off the walls. We grabbed important papers, keepsakes, and our toiletries. I had a pile of everything right next to the garage door. J had even put about 4 boxes in my truck, just to get a head start. We made a list that included all of our AV equipment and computers. That was it. Everything else would be left behind. J and I stayed in front of the tv until about 1:30 or 2am and finally went to bed. Nothing had changed and it looked safe for the time being.

Tuesday morning I woke up really groggy and my allergies were killing me. I had taken a claratin, but it had made me feel really funky. I obviously stayed home. J went in to work for a bit but came back at noon. We just spent the rest of the day together as a family. I got to feeling pretty antsy and didn't want to be inside anymore. I also couldn't take watching the news anymore. Watching home and home after home be burned to the ground. J decided we needed to get out. We went to Wal-Mart to get some necessities such as toilet paper, toothpaste..etc. It was nice to get out and about. I really had a hankering for a vanilla latte from Starbucks. All of the Starbucks were closed due to the fires. Once we got back home I felt a lot better. We even went over to my sister-in-laws house 1 block over to visit. Lil'D has a fun time. He loves hanging out with his cousins. We slept much better, but I know there are many people who are having a hard time because they have either already lost their homes or their homes are in the path of the fire right now.

I am at work right now. Lil'D is at daycare. J is at work. I made sure he bought a good mask to wear so he wouldn't breath the horrible smokey air. Below is a photo of where the fires burned. My house is where the pink arrow is pointing. I feel very blessed that my home was out of harms way. The winds have currently changed and the "witch" fire is spreading north and the "harris" fire is spreading east (I think). I am not 100% about this info. The fires have been changing direction so sporadically. I just know I am safe.

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