August 28, 2005

Nice peaceful day of nothing

J & I got up early and went to the 8:15am service. The sermon was very convicting. We, as Christians, should not keep a list of things that we think our brothers & sisters are doing "wrong". We should support them and share our own "wrongs" that we are struggling with. We must lead through brokenness. You can get tangled up in "man's" rules and forget that it is all about having a relationship with Jesus. God wants relationships, not rules.

J & I stopped by Subway on the way home and picked up somes sandwiches for lunch. We veged a majority of the day. J had softball practice at 6 so I got to have some "me" time. I did a quick run through and clean of the house and was done in 15min. I called my Mom and we spoke for about a hour and a half. I just ordered our new small group book In the Footsteps of Faith by John McArthur. Can't wait to dig in to a new study. -Until Tomorrow

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