August 26, 2005

TGIF, 7:30am-3:30pm

Yay, it's finally Friday! I have to admit I am always working for the weekend! I had three goals for today: first, to submit the order for the job: Ken cabinetry. Second, to make sure that the granite , appliances and plumbing fixture pricing was in the works for job: Barn. Third, to turn tif photos into jpegs and email them to a possible new client. I accomplished all and I got out of the office at 3:30. I went to Michael's on the way home. I picked up the stencil paint, stencils and brushes for Sarah Jean's baby room party. When I got home I picked up the house pretty fast because Kaydee & Sarge are coming over at 7:30pm. I have been reading blogs for the past two weeks and have finally decided to have my own! -Until tomorrow

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