August 29, 2005

Popcorn for me!!!

Popcorn & Diet Cherry Pepsi! Posted by Picasa

Peanut Butter filled Chocolate Chip Cookies Posted by Picasa

J & I just made snacks!! He loves cookies & milk...who doesn't? I have been looking forward to this bowl of popcorn all day long! I actually left work somewhat on time today. I only had 2 major goals today and I finished them both. First, to get the Wolf rangetop delivered to the jobsites. Second, to verify, label and draw details for job: Gor. This job is a Kitchen, Pantry area, Guest bath & Master bath. I completed all of it at 5:10 and emailed it to the cabinet company. I cleaned my desk and was free!! I went by the grocery store and got Jell-O Oreo pie mix and an Oreo crust! That's what we are taking to our small group on Wednesday night. We are in the middle of study books so we are having a potluck and games!

I worked out when I got home. I sure didn't want to. I worked out so hard all my muscles were shaking when I got done. I am going to be sore tomorrow. That's what I get for not working out in a while. I also gave myself a pedicure. I am nice and relaxed and ready for bed!
-Until tomorrow

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