August 30, 2005

Just another Tuesday.

Today was a full day for me. I just got home. I worked from 7-5:15. "Senior" Designer forgot to tell me about an appointment we had today at 12:30. He calls me at 11:40 and tells me to meet him at the jobsite with plans, interior color choices and details that need to be gone over. Well needless to say I was late because I didn't have anything ready. So I printed out plans, packed up the interior colors and doors. I left the office at 12:15 and got to the jobsite at about 12:45. Not too bad late for last minute. It got done, I usual.
After work, J & I had a quick dinner at Burger King. It was so nice to just sit and talk about stuff with him. When we are at home there are too many, laptops, etc. I love him so much! He is so my soulmate!! We are the best of friends! He had a softball game tonight. He plays on the Men's church team. They won like 16-8. Yay team!!
I had my ladies small group tonight. We are reading The Purpose Driven Life. We are half way through the study. The ladies in my small group are such a wonderful support to me. It is really scary to share your problems and make yourself vulnerable to another person. It is also scary to have someone who is always holding you accountable. We are all so afraid of failing or having someone look at you disapprovingly. I have developed such a special bond with these ladies. I am trying to change my way of thinking. They love me for me and we are all sisters in Christ. Change is always hard. Our small group runs from 6:30pm-8:30pm. I stayed till 9:40 talking and didn't get home till 10pm. And here I am, writing past my bedtime!
-Until tomorrow.

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