August 30, 2009

Weekend Recap...

We had a really nice weekend...except it was so HOT! Here in Southern California it averages about 70-75 degrees most days. August is our hottest month and averages 80-85 degrees. This weekend it averaged 95-100 degrees. We don't have central air. We got a portable air conditioner a couple of months ago and have used it a couple of times. We set it up in Lil'D's room all day on Saturday so he could play and nap in comfort. The rest of the house was 94 degrees INSIDE. I thought I was going to die. It was just miserable.

Jeremy started brainstorming...then I saw him out in the storage room in the backyard, he moved the couch in the dining room over opened up the 4 foot tall sliding window, put the window air conditioner in, set it on an old table outside, cut out some cardboard, taped the edges...AND WE HAD AIR CONDITIONING!! Woo-hoo! He also brought in the portable AC unit from Lil'D's room (this was after his nap at about 4pm) and put it in the living room. As far as I was concerned we were living in luxury with our temporary air conditioning.

Jeremy and I went to an evening picnic at the beach with our church small group. The evening cooled off significantly. Lil'D spent the evening with Auntie E and Uncle R. They went to church and Lil'D moved up into the 3 year old Sunday school class!! It just so happens that his cousin Z was a helper in that room. Z said that he was really interactive and answered all kinds of questions that the teacher asked!! I'm a proud momma! It's the little things you know.

This morning we started the air conditioners at 8am. It was just divine. I was so happy and I even took a 2 1/2 hour nap. If you know me you know that is so not me. I guess I needed it. We made a grocery store run and relaxed the rest of the day. At about 4:30 we turned the AC off and opened all the doors because it was the same temp outside as it was inside. (about 80degrees) The wind actually started blowing. We are a little nervous as to how high our electric bill is going to be after a weekend like this. We will just have to wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great weekend! Well, except the heat...but it sounds like you found a way around it.