August 12, 2009

All aboard!!

sIt's been all about trains the past few weeks at our house! I have been going back and forth trying to figure out what I was going to use as a headboard for Lil'D's new full bed in his new room. Since I don't want anything hanging on the wall (this is earthquake country after all) I decided to paint something. And what is Lil'D most passionate about?...TRAINS!!

I just used a projector, traced the lines and painted the lines white and filled it in. I want to add some red or maybe blue, but I am not making that decision until I get bedding and curtains figured out.
Jeremy steam cleaned our carpets this weekend which meant all of Lil'D's train tracks had to come up. I put together a new track design and I am just so proud. It's a lot like designing in AutoCAD, so I really like the challenge!!
In case you didn't know this is James, he is crossing one of many bridges that I added to the design.We have a ton of trackmaster track and a lot of the engines. All of the engines run on batteries. Lil'D is very particular about how his trains run. Lil'D's trains run by hand...pushing them down the track. He loves having the control himself. He also loves to lay on the floor eye level with the wheels and watch them turn ever so slowly!! The photo below is how you see Lil'D playing with the trains most of the time.
Lil'D absolutely loves playing trains! So do I!

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