August 1, 2009

Letters to Lil'D...

My Sweetest Lil'D,

You and I spent the day at a birthday party near the bay. We had a fantastic time together. You were an outstanding listener all day and didn't once have an accident. You have done so well going potty. You are finally asking to go potty and I am so pleased.

I saw such independence in you today. There were about four or five play areas and you just bounced from place to place on your own, not needing me at all. I, of course, kept a very close watchful eye on you. You made friends young and old at each stop. You even ended up at someone else's party and joined in on a group of boys playing football. They were very nice to you and passed the ball to you a couple of times. You even cut in on a badminton game. You just have a wonderful way about you and people really like you. It doesn't hurt that your really cute and, oh, those blue eyes. Watching you socialize today made me very happy and oh so proud.

We are working on nigh time potty training. It's been 5 nights and we have had no success yet, but I know we will when you are ready. You have woken me up a couple of nights at 4am and that has made me a little extra tired this week. But this too shall pass.

Your favorite shows right now are:
  • Imagination Movers, specifically No noise is Good Noise, A Bee Story, and Have A Ball.
  • The Backyardigans, Into the Deep
  • Little Einsteins, Music Monsters
We have watched these episodes at least 10 times each. You have also been watching The Letter Factory a lot. "Excuse me, is this the E room? Ehh?"

I look so forward to each day with you and watching you grow. I just wish that I could slow it all down just a little bit.


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