April 21, 2008

Weekend Recap...


I left work at 11:30am for a doctor's appointment. I got home at around 12:30. I did a quick clean up and sat down to relax. We picked up Lil'D early and took him to the doctor. He has been coughing for about 3 weeks. The doctor said he was fine and just has the tail end gunk from the cold he has. She also said it could be allergies. She said to try not giving him milk for about 4 days. We got dinner afterwards. I went with my friend Kaydee to the MOPS night before garage sale. There were not that many clothes, but I scored on toys. I got a slide to put in the backyard, a shopping cart, an alphabet pal, tons of blocks and a cookie monster/elmo noisemaker. J took Lil'D to his soccer game and Auntie E took Lil'D after their game was over. I got home at about 8:30 and put Lil'D to bed. Kaydee and I yapped for almost an hour. It was nice to hang with her. J got home and we went to bed shortly after.


We were up around 7:30. We all ate breakfast and played with Lil'D all morning. We had to be at Grandma & Grandpa Ham's at 11:30. LittleB (oldest grandson) was turning 21. Lil'D had a blast. He loves all the kids. Uncle B was turning him upside down and he kept telling him again, again! Grandpa ran the train just for him and when the birthday cake came out and LittleB blew the candles out Lil'D wanted to blow them too. He was exhausted on the drive home. We did everything we could to keep him from falling asleep. We put him down for his nap and he slept for about 2 hours. When he got up I got him ready for church and J went to guy's night. Lil'D and I went to church. When we got home we ate and I got him to bed...then it was ME time!!!! I stretched out on the couch and watched tv and caught up on my Goodle reader. At about 11pm I could hear a couple of kids talking and laughing outside. We live on a deadend. Kids like to hang out because it's dark. As long as they are not drinkin' or smokin' and not waking up Lil'D I don't worry about them. At about 11:20 two kids were yelling at each other, cursing and then I heard a noise like someone had thrown something against a car. They continued arguing. I was a little nervous because I was at home alone. I called the 911 number and they were going to send patrol over. I went to the office and looked out the window carefully. I didn't have any lights on. I didn't want any of them to see me. As I looked out of the window a hummer drove by with a bunch of guys hanging out of the car with the doors open. It scared me to death. All I could think about was drive bys and I though they were going to start shooting any minute. I jumped away from the window and just sat on the floor talking to Jeremy on the phone. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. When I looked out the window again the car of kids that had been out there was gone, the hummer was gone and the police had corned some other cars that were not in front of our house. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I was that the police were there. After they came, everything was quiet. They left after about 20 minutes. They even sat outside our house for a while. Jeremy got home after they left. I was so glad he was home. He had been at Dave & Buster's when I called him. He left as soon as I told him about the fight outside. It took him about a half hour to get home. We stayed up till about 1:30 just because we couldn't go to bed right after all that.


We got up at 9:30am. Apparantly, Lil'D had woken up earlier, but he had pulled a bunch of clothes out of his dresser that he can reach from his crib and threw them on the floor. He fell back asleep and we actually got to sleep in a bit!! We went to Legoland after breakfast. I love these passes!! They have more than paid for themselves already. We left at about 3:30. Jeremy's Dad called on our way home. He needed help with installing a new faucet for the kitchen sink. We went home first and let Lil'D get another hour of sleep and then went to see them after he woke up. We got home at 7:30, gave Lil'D a bath, and got him to bed. I spent the rest of the time working on my co-worker's tribute artist website. You can take a look at it if you want. I'm still not done.

American Legend Show

Have a wonderful week!!!
♥ Elliemae

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Frances D said...

I'm loving this letter thing you're doing for NaBloPoMo.
I need to do a recap like this once in a while.
Waving at you wildly from New York,