April 7, 2008

Weekend recap...

We had a wonderful busy weekend! The only bad thing about a busy weekend is it goes by way too fast!


I ran all my errands after work. I had to go to Trader Joe's for Lil'Ds french toast. He loves that french toast. I also had to go to the Dollar Store. I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE. It's such a simple guilty pleasure of mine! The main reason I went is to get a new bath sponge for Lil'D. I broke the handle last night because I pulled it too hard and at the wrong angle and it broke in two. There wasn't much else too exciting there on this trip. I got a sheet of airplane stickers, the bath sponge, magnetic chip clips, a spiral notebook to put in my purse, a glitter baton (I couldn't resist) and I can't remember the last item for the life of me. I spent 6 dollars! Love the dollar store!!

After my 6 dollar shopping spree I went home and did a little housework. Jeremy and I went to pick up Lil'D and stopped by my boss' house on the way home. He got an entire set of dishes from one of our client's and wanted to give them to me because it had pink in it. The pattern is pretty old and not my style at all, but I am sure I can find a good home for it. There were four boxes full of stuff. Here is a photo of the pattern:


Soup tureen

Here is a list of what was in the boxes:

  • 12 dinner plates
  • 12 salad bowls
  • 12 saucers
  • 12 coffee mugs
  • 12 tea cups
  • 4 mugs
  • casserole dishes
  • soup tureen
  • platters
  • quiche dish
  • mixing bowls
  • sauce pans
  • and more

I don't have an exact list yet, but I will.
Jeremy had a late soccer game and I worked on Lil'Ds photo book.


Lil'D was up at 7:30am. Jeremy and Lil'D spent the morning together. I met Chica and her sister at Cowels mountain at 9am. That mountain kicked my butt! It took about 35 minutes to get to the top. It was up all the way. I am going to make this a Saturday morning habit from now on. I'm going to do it by myself for a while and once I build up my stamina I will take Lil'D.

The DirectTV guy came and installed our new cable today. We got a way better deal from them than what we were paying for Dish Network. Lil'D napped from 1:30-4pm. We all went to Wal-mart and IKEA. Lil'D loves the slide at IKEA. He was so ready for bed when we got home. I uploaded a ton of photos for my Mom's photo album from wal-mart.com. I can upload them and put the order in and have all the photos sent to her Wal-mart for her to pick up.


Jeremy decided to take us to Legoland. We are doing the monthly membership. We pay $23 a month and we can go whenever we want. Lil'D will be free until he turns 3. He had the best time. It was a perfect day. He took everything in. He absolutely loved it. He caught a cat nap on the way there and on the way home. He never slept a wink while we were there. He never once pulled any fits or disagreed with anything the whole day. It was great! We got Lil'D to bed at 7pm. I blogged, watched tv and was in bed by 9:45pm.

And the weekend was gone!! Now we have to get through the week again to get to next weekend!!

♥ Elliemae

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