April 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday...

I am going to start listing 10 random thoughts that I'm thinking about every Tuesday! Hope you enjoy these!

one...I am just so incredibly happy right now!! It feels so great to be happy!!! I went through a lot of depression for the past 2 years and I am really think I am finally completely free of it!!!

two...My house is clean and has been clean for three weeks!! I have followed through on my cleaning schedule during the week! No house cleaning "scheduled" on the weekends, and it's really working!! It's not perfect, but it's not cluttered either!!

three...I am really addicted to reading my google reader!! It's like a book that never ends!! I just can't get enough!!! I wish I had more time to read!!!

four...Lil'D is getting so big. He is 22 months tomorrow. Where did my little baby boy go? When people say that the time flys by so fast they are not kidding at all!! Lately, he has really become such a well mannered little boy. He really listens and minds really well. He goes to bed without a peep. On the days we have gone to Legoland he doesn't even take a real nap and not once does he whine or act up. I don't know what we've done to make this happen, but I hope it continues!! Everybody keeps warning us about the terrible twos. I expect them any day now. The only thing bad I have noticed lately is his patience getting the best of him. He has been playing with his Thomas the train set alot and when one train derails, he kind of whines and pulls the whole train off the track. I have been really trying to make him understand that it is not a big deal and that it is very easy to just put it back on the track. He loves that train right now!

five...work is good right now. It's not out of control or crazy. It's very balanced right now. It's good to have these times, it prepares me for the crazy crunch times with Senior Designer. My main job that I am working on right now is MustardStone. It is in Montana (in case you didn't already know that). I am in the process of ordering ALL of the cabinetry right now. The kitchen, the two guest baths and the master bath have all been confirmed. This kitchen is going to be I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E! I will get a photo up of the sample we received yesterday. It's very old world traditional, but with 2 exotic veneers: Pomelle Sapelle and Redwood Burl! I can't wait to show you!

six...we just recently got annual passes to Legoland. They have a monthly plan. It's $23.00/month for Jeremy and I. Lil'D is free until he is 3!! You just can't beat that!! We have gone twice so far and Lil'D really likes it (so do we).

seven...my Mom & Dad are doing a lot of traveling with Dad's job. They drove to North Carolina on Friday and are still there right now. They are supposed to be back this weekend and they fly out on Sunday to go to Seattle, Washington. They will spend a week and a half coming down in to Oregon and then California. They will end up here in San Diego to see us! Yeah! I can't wait. I haven't seen my Dad in a year.

eight...this weekend we are going to Jeremy's parents house for a family birthday. Little B's birthday. He is the oldest grandchild. He is turning 21. There are 17 of us in the family. It is a tradition to celebrate your birthday at Grandma & Grandpa Ham's house!!

nine...I am doing my 3rd master cleanse. I did my first one in October last year, then my second in January. I want to do them with the seasons! January was my winter cleanse, now April will be my spring cleanse. I hope to do my summer cleanse in July and my winter cleanse in November...every year. I do really well with it for 5 days. In January I did it for 8 days and I was miserable and hated it. So, this time...5 days. Friday night I will eat carrots and celery. Saturday morning I will make vegetable soup and drink the broth for breakfast and lunch. Then for dinner I will have the vegetables. Sunday I can start back on regular food. BUT this time stay healthy and eat right. No bad stuff!! Try at least!!

ten...have I told ya'll how awesome Jeremy is? He vacuumed the house yesterday, mopped the kitchen floor and emptied the diaper genie and took out all the trash...and he was sick. He woke up feeling really nauseous. I think he had a 24 hour bug, because he feels better today!

Have a wonderful day!!
♥ Elliemae

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AndreAnna said...

I tried that master cleanse once and thought I'd die. LOL

And having items unread in my google reader haunts me at night.

Must. Read. Them. All.