November 13, 2007

Weekend recap...

Here is a quick recap of the weekend:

Worked all day to make up for missing work on Thursday.

Wake up at 7am and eat breakfast with Lil'D.
9:30am naptime for Lil'D
Grocery store, run errands
2:30pm naptime for Lil'D
Take Lil'D to Auntie E's at 6pm
Datenight for hubby & I. We had dinner at Black Angus. We used a $50 gift certificate. Had Creme Brulee for dessert! Yummy.
Went to go see Baby DJ again. He was 10lbs. 13oz. He is adorable.
Pick up Lil'D from Auntie E's at 8:45ish. He went straight to bed. They wore him out!
Guitar Hero with hubby for half an hour at 9pm
Watched I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry with hubby.

Church at 9am
My boss' wife had a trunk show at 1pm. I only stayed for about half an hour.
J took me to the Harvest Festival.
J went to the Chargers / Colts game. Yeah Chargers won!!
I had the evening to myself once Lil'D went to bed. Lil'D is starting to have small tantrums. Not to sure yet how I am going to handle these.

I was really ready for bed on Sunday night. Lil'D wore me out. J finally got home at 10pm. The Charger's beat the Colts. I don't think anyone saw that coming!!!

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