November 6, 2007

Ten on Tuesday...

10 words that describe ME...
  1. Woman of God
  2. Wife
  3. Mom
  4. Daughter
  5. Sister
  6. Friend
  7. Creative
  8. Sensitive
  9. Kid-at-heart
  10. Little silly sometimes

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So, what have I been up to?
This weekend went by so incredibly fast. The weekends feel like they get shorter and shorter.

We did a whole lot of nothin! Relaxed and played with Lil'D.

We were woken up this morning at 6:30am. Poor Lil'D doesn't understand DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. We dragged ourselves out of bed and started the day bright and early. Lil'D got whole grain french toast for the first time today. I got it at Trader Joe's. He really liked it.
The Charger game was on at 10am. It started out good, but ended up bad. It was a bad loss. Boo. Lil'D didn't take a second nap, he sat in his crib for almost 2 hours and talked and talked and talked. I kept thinking he was asleep and then he would start back up talking again. So we got him up and ran some errands and decided to go to North County Fair. We just love walking the mall. As always the highlight of the trip...the escalators. Lil'd loves the escalators. He knows exactly what to do.

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