December 14, 2005

Long day.

Today was a long day. J was in LA at Dacor training, so I was by myself. He had gotten up at 6:15 yesterday morning. The alarm went off at 6:15am this morning for me. I don't get up until 7am. I know it is only 45 minutes, but 45 minutes is precious to me!! I haven't been sleeping well since I got pregnant. I just wake up in the middle of the night a couple of times for no reason and it's hard to get back to sleep. I would love to be able to sleep in a little on Saturday mornings but my internal clock wakes me up at 7am. Of course on work days I could sleep a little longer if I could.
At work we had a really good debate going this morning. The subject...God!! I thought it was awesome! A couple of the installers were talking about free will and sin and a ton of other stuff! It was really cool!!
I have a lot of new jobs. Here are a few new jobs I worked on today...Jord, Fish, and Mudd. We are only in the conceptual stage. We have an appointmen with Jord tomorrow. I have 2 more floorplan options to do for the the meeting at 2pm.
Sim gets delivered on Monday!! Yeah! I'm really excited about this one. We have been dealing with the Sims for 3 years now. They signed their proposal and contracts in 2003. They bought a really large house in a really nice neighborhood and tore it down to the studs. They have added onto it. The view is incredible. We are doing the kitchen, breakfast nook, butler's pantry, living room bar and theater bar.
Ken is almost complete! Ken is my favorite client. Mrs. Ken is awesome. She never complains ever. She is on my perfect client list. The tile guy finished the floor and the backsplash today!! The closet is being installed tomorrow and all the plumbing needs to be done. The glass enclosure for the shower is all that will be left. It will be installed the Wednesday after Christmas. We promised her that her master bathroom would be done by Christmas. I am going to get "Senior designer" to call her tomorrow and tell her the bad news. Hopefully she will stay on my perfect client list!
Tonight was our potluck at small group. The food was REALLY good!! We exchanged gifts and had a wonderful time!! Sunrise gave me a ton of baby "stuff". IT begins!!
I actually feel like a normal person and lately forget that I'm pregnant. The only thing that reminds me is how tired I get and I have no pants that fit. Speaking of tired..I am. Goodnight...
-Until tomorrow

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