December 15, 2005

Another long day.

What is the deal with long days lately?
Work was intense all day. I worked on Jord all morning. I got the 3 options done. During all this Mr. Fish called and wanted us to come to his home instead of him coming to our showroom tomorrow for our 11am appointment. I told him that would probably be fine, but I had to check with "senior designer" first just to make sure. "Senior designer" was with a client and the meeting had just started when Mr. Fish called. I told Mr. Fish that "Senior designer" would probably be an hour or so and as soon as the appointment was over I would call him to confirm. Well an hour goes by. He asks me very sternly, why hasn't "Senior designer" called him. I told him that he was still in a meeting. Mr. Fish went off...I've had it, either you come to my house tomorrow morning or I want a full refund, I want an answer, all the plans better be done, this is ridiculous, I want this project done. The man just paid his design fee like a week before Thanksgiving. We have already had a conceptual meeting with him and his wife (they showed up unannounced expecting us to drop everything for them, luckily "senior designer" was at the office and of course he did drop everything for them.) So, I just calmly tell him there is nothing I can do until "senior designer" gets out of the appointment. Another hour goes by, he calls again. Our receptionist tells him that "senior designer" is still in the appointment. He tells her this is unacceptable. She asks him if he wants to talk to our office manager. (I lover her for doing this, at least I didn't have to talk to him again) He said yes. You don't want to mess with our office manager. He is a retired drill instructer!! So "senior designer" finally got out of the appointment and we tell him what happened. He called Mr. Fish and told him that he never breaks from an appointment for a phone call, but as soon as the appointment is over that will be his first phone call. Clients like this are so hard to enjoy working with.
Our appointment went well with Jord. She brought her daughter who just passed the bar in Boston.
It's late. J is sitting over my shoulder sighing loudly!!! Time for bed!!
-Until tomorrow

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Kaydee said...

You have so much more patience than I do. That makes you a much better witness for Christ that me. I would have gone off on him right back. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I would instantly remember that I was a Christian and that there was a lot of money riding on this client. But I would not remember that until after the flood gates had opened! Good job on keeping your temper.