December 19, 2005

Already Monday again.

I can't believe how fast the weekend went. Friday night was our company Christmas Party. We all went to Hard Rock Cafe. It was a fun time!! On Saturday I had a surprise birthday party for one of my friends and a family birthday party for my Sister-In-Law. Sunday morning I watched the first half of the Charger game and then went shopping. I only lasted 2 hours. It's really no fun by yourself. J & I went to the movies and saw Chronicles of Narnia. It was so good. I loved it!!
Today at work I worked on Fish all day. I had to finish the revisions from the meeting on Friday and get the drawing to our cabinet manufacturer for pricing. I sent the email at 5:10pm.
I had Tres Tacos from Baja Fresh. Yummy!!
-Until tomorrow


Kaydee said...
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Kaydee said...

You forget to mention that little fact that