December 20, 2005

Almost through the week!

Today I worked on Jord all day long. I had tons of details to finish. My shoulders were in alot of pain. I pretty much stared at the computer screen all day long. I finally got the email out for a price quote at 5:25pm.
I had a doctor appointment today at 2pm. I had told the doctor awhile ago that my heart would flutter sometimes and it would also thump really hard, hesitate, then beat really fast. So she wanted me to get some test done. That was today. I had an echo cardiogram and a resting EKG. I am having to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours too. That bites. I feel like I have seran wrap wrapped around me. I get to take it off at 3pm tomorrow. It will definitely be an uncomfortable sleep tonight.
-Until tomorrow.

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