November 15, 2005

A friend that works with J said that his wife used an accupressure band that is usually used for seasickness could help with morning sickness. I just got them last night and they worked awesome for 4 hours straight. I took them off to go to bed because I felt antsy with them on. Shortly after I took them off, I felt horrible again. I almost couldn't fall asleep I felt so horribly bad. I eventually fell asleep.
This morning I put them on as soon as I got out of the shower. I have made it through the day feeling somewhat more of my old self. There is still a tinge of nausea here and there. But nothing as strong as before! Even if these things are mental, I don't care. I feel great...or better than I did! Thought I would share! Here is what they look like. Mine are gray!!

My new accessory! Posted by Picasa

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