December 28, 2006

Something "new" about EllieMae

I need to write about this new thing in my life.
This is how it all came about...
Growing up there were never any football games on in my house. My Dad is into cars, tools, sailboats and interesting documentaries. He never watched football. I started baton twirling when I was about 5 years old. I was a twirler in junior high, high school AND college...yes, college. (Twirling is big where I grew up) So, you can imagine how many football games I have been to...hundreds! I lived for halftime. It was "hurry up and get through the first and second quarter!! Let's get to halftime!" Football to me was all about halftime. No one had ever really taken the time to explain the game to me. All I really knew was that you needed a touchdown to score points. In college I think someone told me about yards and 1st, 2nd, 3nd downs. When I met my husband, he was a die hard Charger fan. He lived for the games and never missed them! Throughout our marriage, I would find something else to do during the game. I would ask him what time the game was and plan accordingly (shopping, visit with a friend, scrapbook, read, etc.) About 3 years ago my husband met Scout. He is VERY into football. His job is actually football. Anyway, J and Scout became really good friends. Scout and his wife, Amy Jo, would come over to our house to watch the Charger games. In 2004, I rebelled after the second game and was totally not into it. I just didn't want to make the effort to learn about it. Every question I asked led to some long explanation that required too much brainwork that I wanted to use for something else. And the games lasted 3-4 hours, what a waste of time...I had better things to do. In 2005, J & I were trying to have a baby. Sons are pretty dominant in J's family. J's Mom & Dad had 3(out of 3). The oldest son had 3 boys(out of 4), the middle brother had 2 boys(out of 3). So, I figured we would pretty much have a boy. I decided that it was a good time to start understanding football better, because I knew that my son, OR daughter even, would really be into football. There was so much I didn't know, and when Scout and Amy Jo were over for the games I got a plethura of information and was really enjoying it and RETAINING it. In fact, during one of the games I came up with Lil'D's name. Scout & Amy Jo were that first to know what it was. It was the only boy name I came up with that I liked. I really learned alot that season! In 2006 we had a boy! The theme of his room was Chargers and Padres. I painted a huge lighting bolt on the wall. It was awesome! I have collected a lot of Charger memorabilia for his room and can't wait to finish it up! So the 2006 season started and I know so much about the players and the positions and the game itself. I really understand it. It is like a whole new world. I actually enjoy it. When J has gone to a game without me, Lil'D and I sat and watched the game. I even cheered out loud. (Who am I?) I'll tell you who I am...I am Lil'D's Mom and I know that little boy is going to love football and love spending quality time with his Dad watching football and going to the games. I see him collecting football cards and memorizing statistics, names and positions. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE BEST PART IS? He can talk football with me to and I'll know what I'm talking about!!! What a wonderful feeling to know that I will be a part of that! I look at football in a whole different light now!!! Here is what I know off the top of my head...(so far):
Center: Nic Hardwick (he "snaps" the ball to the quarterback)
Guard: Mike Goff and Dielmann
Tackle: Marcus McNeil and Sean Olivie (I don't know Left and Right yet, give me time)
Tight ends: Antonio Gates and Brandon Monumaleunah (I can't spell it right yet)
Receivers: Vincent Jackson, Keenan McCardell, Parker
Quarterback: Phillip Rivers
Full back: Lorenzo Neil (he protects LT)
Running back: LT and sometimes Michael Turner
I only know the Offensive Lineup. The only player I know on defense is:
Shawn Merriman "lights out"
I still have lots to learn! I hope that I listed everything above correctly. J will read this and let me know if I put something wrong.
That's something "new" about Ellie Mae!!! I love the Chargers!!!!
Hopefully we will be headed for the SuperBowl!!
-Until tomorrow!

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