December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Yesterday was just a fabulous day. I feel so at peace this weekend. Praise God!! He is so good!! J & Lil'D slept in till 11am. I had some "Elliemae" time! I talked to my Mom most of the time. We have been planning my trip home. Lil'D and I will be leaving on Friday for 9 days. My parents haven't seen Lil'D since he was 3 weeks old. They can't wait to see him! After talking to my Mom, J & I went to the swap meet to find a resonably priced suitcase. The suitcase guy I wanted was not there...wasted trip. Once we got back home. We cleaned up the house a little and got ready for a trip to the wild animal park! J's Mom & Dad came with us. The temperature was perfect. It wasnt' freezing cold. It was just right. It was a nice time. After the park, we all went to dinner. It was a very nice time. Lil'D was a little cranky while we were cleaning the house but other than that he was such a good boy! He loves to be out and about and watch people. He is like his Mommy in that way. Anyway...I have to go wake Lil'D from his nap. J is taking us to breakfast. Then, we are picking up our portraits that we had made last week!!!!
Charger game is on at 1pm. Gotta get back for the game!!!
Go chargers!!!!!!!
-Until tomorrow

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