December 6, 2009

December Nights...

I was so excited to attend with Lil'D. I couldn't wait for him to wake up from his nap and get going. December Nights is at Balboa Park. There are tons of small vender's selling jewelry, services, knick knacks etc. All the museums are free and tons of different foods to choose from!

It used to be called Christmas on The Prado, but they had to be politically correct. Here are a few photos that really show the atmosphere that I couldn't capture.

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The weather was perfect! It was a cool 46 degrees. That is rare, but so welcome! I loved bringing along a scarf and gloves! We arrived at about 4:45 and the crowd was already pretty thick. Friday night had over 100,000 people alone.

We had an agenda. We went directly to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. We got there right when they opened their doors. It got crowded fast. It got so warm because there were so many people I had to take my scarf and jacket completely off. I was really bummed about this.

Lil'D absolutely loved this place (duh!) He was mesmerized! There was even a playroom with wooden Thomas trains to play with. They had a special display of Lego trains. It was pretty awesome. Lil'D had named all the trains by the time we left. There was also a room that was beautifully landscaped and lit with trains that puffed steam and lots of whistles blowing. Lil'D and I found a really nice corner spot where the air blew right on us. The first time we went in this room it was so stuffy from all the people you could hardly stand it. Lil'D loved it so much and didn't want to leave. I think we are going to get a family pass so we can go visit this museum often. It is only $35.00 for a year. It would be totally worth it considering how obsessed with
trains Lil'D is!

Next stop was dinner. I had Louisiana Cajun Catfish and hushpuppies. A little taste of home! They had run out of gator. Darn! (just kidding) Lil'D enjoyed his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cupcake. Everyone else had hamburgers, beans and chips. Boring :)

San Diego Air and Space Museum was next.
Tons and tons of airplanes. Lil'D wanted to touch every propeller or wheel or wing! The highlight of this museum was the Blue Angel. Ever since the air show in October he is all about The Blue Angels. He touched the nose, the wheel and the back engines. What a thrill for him!

Santa Clause was right outside. Lil'D was waving and saying "Hi Santa!" He told me he wanted to hug Santa. So adorable. Well this Santa was a bit distant. The kids had to sit in the front seat and shake Santa's hand. That is it. I thought that was a little weird. I think Lil'D thought it was weird too.
Our last stop was the San Diego Natural History Museum. There were photos of Dinosaurs outside that got Lil'D all excited. What do you know, there was a huge dinosaur when we walked in. It was hot in there too! I really thought I was going to melt at one time. Lil'D was in overload and was just fascinated by everything he saw!

We had a really great time. I had really wanted to go to the Ruben H Fleet Science Center but we just ran out of time. I think we will go there first next year!!

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