June 3, 2008

Kick it into high gear...

Just when you think you can take a break, life sticks it's tongue out at you and says "neener, neener!"

I spent a good deal of Saturday catching up on all my cleaning. I haven't gotten off of work on time for at least 2 weeks so I haven't been cleaning. We made a trip to Home Depot and got a closet system for Jeremy's closet. (It fell in the middle of the night a couple of days ago) The closet is 9' wide, the shelf and rod fell to the ground. We thought it was either and earthquake or a car had run into our house. So, we got a closet kit for 5o bucks. Lil'D learned a new word..."home depot" and he loved looking at all the things in the store. We had a really fun trip with him.

On Sunday we went to a Marine Museum with Auntie E and the kids. Lil'D loved all the airplanes and helicopters. It was hot though. The day started out overcast, by the time we got to the museum it was sunny and I was sweatin'. It was only 72 degrees. I sweat so easily and I really hate it! Here are a few pics from the museum trip:

Lil'D is so tiny next to these big planes. He was having a great time posing in front of them.

Here are Lil'Ds cousins Z and Nate. Lil'D adores them!

This one has teeth!

After the museum we put Lil'D down for a nap and Jeremy worked on the closet. I sat and vegged. The closet looks great and I think there is more hanging space now.

We walked over to the fields at the school right behind our house and Lil'D kicked the soccer ball around. When we were leaving there was a hawk chasing off some crows and when the hawk was coming back over us I swear he looked at Lil'D. Mama bear kicked in. It really seemed like hat bird was stalking Lil'D. There are really huge lights in the field, like a football stadium. They are like 100 feet in the air. There was the hawk's nest. That bird was protecting it's nest. The nest was huge. That hawk was huge. It was like we were inside the discovery channel. Lil'D was oblivious to the whole thing.

I have a couple more subjects I want to touch on.

First, my Grandma. She had to go to the emergency room last Wednesday because she was having chest pains. They did a catscan and found cancer all over her body. Pancreatic, I think my Mom said. My Grandmother is 96 years old. She has been living on her own all this time. She has lost a lot of weight in the past couple of months. When you have someone that age in your life you just know that the time is coming. So, my Mom has put her in a very nice facility because she can't walk anymore. My Mom is about 115 pounds, she needs help. They have medicated her so that she won't be in any pain, and have given her about 3 months to live. I decided last Thursday that I wanted to come home and see her. Lil'D and I will be flying to Texas on Friday, June 6th. Lil'D met his great grandmother when he was 6 months old, but now that he is a lot more interactive I think my grandmother will love seeing him.

Friday, June 6th is my 10 year wedding anniversary. Jeremy and I will be postponing our celebration. You just have to take life as it comes at you.

The reason I am flying so soon is:

  1. I want to see my grandmother like she is now, not later.
  2. Lil'D turns 2 on June 16, he still can fly for free.
  3. My Mom is coming here to visit from June 13-June 23. We have had this planned for months. To change the ticket it would be $280. Mom needs the break after everything the past week. Plus it's good for her to get this break, because she has a lot to handle in the next couple of months.

Last thing, I finished my designs for the Adobe kitchen. Would you like to see them? Here they are:

Here is my completed floorplan.

These are my completed elevations.

This is a conceptual photograph of what some of the elements will look like when this kitchen is built. This client is very traditional.

Now I'm back to MustardStone. The first delivery of cabinets is this month. I'm ready to get this job started!!

Have a great day!

♥ Elliemae

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Jenny said...

The Marine Museum looks like a lot of fun and the kitchen looks amazing. You did a really nice job!

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma. I'm glad you'll have the time together as a family over the next couple weeks.

I have a blog award waiting for you. No rush, just stop by later this month when you get a chance!