September 10, 2009

First night at Awana...

Tuesday night this week was very special!!! Lil'D got to start Awana!! He is a cubby! I got asked to stay because it was VIP night, plus I thought it would be interesting to see what went on. Lil'D got his vest, his book, a cd with all the verses set to music, and a book bag.

They met in one room with the 3 and 4 years olds and colored and put together puzzles. Then they found their cubby buddy, held hands, lined up and went into the next room. They said the Pledge of Allegiance and the Awana Pledge.

They sat in a circle and sang Jesus Loves Me a couple of times and learned the hand gestures.
They sat down for story time. This is where Lil'D went to the potty three times. I don't know if it's because I was there or what. I don't think he heard a word of the story.

The four years olds went into another room and they divided up into tables. Lil'D was at Kaydee's table!! Kaydee is my very good friend from small group. She is also a loyal reader of my blog. She had 4 at her table and she had each of them recite their first verse, which is the cubbie's key verse
God loved us...and sent his son.

They also learned the Cubbie's motto: Jesus loves me. After coloring another picture they had cookies and water.

It was really an interesting experience watching twelve 3 year olds try to be patient and listen. It was really exhausting. Really exhausting! I have a new respect for my friend Kaydee and all the other volunteers of Awana. They are awesome and I am so blessed and excited that this is where Lil'D will learn the foundation of his relationship with Jesus!!

I was so nervous and excited that I completely forgot my camera. I could have gotten some great shots, but I missed them. I was really bummed about this. Maybe next time.

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