September 18, 2009


I finished a project!! Yay me!!! I feel like I have been talking about this forever!! My best friend Chica bought a house and pulled some existing white cabinets out that she didn't want. There was one wall cabinet with doors that came out without it breaking and she asked me if I wanted it. The only problem was that the sides were not finished. I took the doors off and had the guys at the shop cut them down to fit on the sides. Jeremy and I hung it on my newly painted pink wall. The back of it had holes in it so I bought some beautiful wrapping paper and cut it to fit. The wrapping paper is adhesive wrapping paper so it was super to put in. I just had to cut it to fit! I am so excited to finally have a complete project! I still have to fill some of the holes on the side, but that is tiny minor details!! I can deal with that!!

My next project is my desk!! We will be painting it tomorrow!! Fun, fun!!

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