May 4, 2009

My trip to Cabo San Lucas...

About 8 weeks ago today my boss called me and asked if I could make a trip to Cabo for two days to measure. Uh, yeah! My boss also asked my office mate, PJ, to go. We left on a 10am flight on Wednesday, March 11th. By the time we landed in Cabo, our boss was convinced that we should stay through the weekend. PJ and I were really excited. As we were exiting the airport our boss signed us up for a timeshare presentation on Saturday. We were promised a free taxi ride to and from, free breakfast, $90 in cash, $100 gift certificate to the spa and 1 free hour on two jet skis in the Sea of Cortez. Sounded way too good to be true, but our boss paid the $40 to reserve two spots for us.

We drove to our clients current house and this was the breathtaking view from the balcony...
I felt like I was in a dream. Could this be real. Is this where I was going to spend the next couple of days?
Looking back I can't believe I was actually there. Our client, let's call him Mr. G, has 3 additional homes in Cabo that he is building. 1 Casita (condo) and 2 Haciendas. We had lots of measuring to do. We started at the Casita... Here I am hard at work...
This is my boss measuring where a column will soon be.

And here is PJ, my office mate.

We drove around the neighborhoods looking at the different grouts for stone.

These two homes are not complete yet and have been bought by celebrities. Not sure which is which, but one is for George and the other is for Cindy. I'm not going to put their last names, I don't want to give away any secret hideaways or anything. Very exclusive place. The clubhouse is incredibly beautiful. We got to tour it only because we were with the in house architect. Otherwise, the only way to get in is if you are with the member. Mr. G was not with us.

This is the Hacienda. It was really neat to see how they build houses. Everything is concrete block. The top floor is where the kitchen will be. The roof had not been poured yet.
Here is the pool and jacuzzi. It is huge. There will also be a custom concrete slide on the far end.

Our boss took us out for a nice dinner on Wednesday night...

And a nice lunch on Thursday before he left...
We also stopped at a stone company. They had incredible amounts of tile, granite slabs, marble slabs...
This piece of slab (which is shown back lit) is $16,000.

They also had some funky stuff like these colorful rocks...
...and this custom dyed piece of granite. This was my favorite. Can you imagine having this for your kitchen countertops?
Once we got everything measured, our boss got on a plane back to the states on Thursday night, PJ and I started our 4 day mini-vacation...

This was the client's house where we stayed.
This was the view outside my balcony door. Breathtaking!!

We watched the whales everyday!

They put on quite a show for us!!

It was a beautiful walk to the beach...

The sand was very course and it was deep. My feet were sore after walking on this sand.
Speaking of feet...I brought one pair of shoes because I thought we were only going to be here for 2 days. I brought black flats. Comfy and practical in all situations. I wish I had worn tennis shoes.
I bought a pair of black flip flops for 15 pesos, which is about $1.50. I wore these shoes everywhere!!I've been wearing these on the weekends now and they have lasted longer than I ever thought they would for $1.50!!

Here are a couple of shots of me...

Here are my favorite shots of PJ...

This is PJ breaking into the gates to the Hacienda on Sunday. Some serious security huh?
We are in!!

The best part of the trip was after the timeshare presentation!! Thank goodness that we had a vehicle because we could not get a taxi to take us with the voucher we had been given. Once we got there we had a nice breakfast, then we walked the property.
This is the view from the model.

This is where we jet skied for an hour!!! We were right next to this arch!!

It was really amazing and really fun!!
I did not pack a swimsuit for this trip. Luckily I had a pair of bike shorts and my boss left me two of his t-shirts. It was really embarrassing going back to the spa soaked, but who cares, nobody knew who I was and I had the time of my life on that jet ski!!
At the spa we took showers then had a 30 minute massage! It was so nice. After the massage I relaxed in the relaxation room and had tea and read a magazine. PJ went into the jacuzzi and the steam room. The spa was awesome!
After the spa we had dinner by the docks and headed back to the house...oh, the casita.

The trip was originally only supposed to be two days...Wednesday and Thursday. We stayed five and a half days...Wednesday thru Monday. We got back at 9:30pm on Monday, March 16. I really missed Lil'D and Jeremy after the first couple of days. I had only been away from Lil'D two days at the longest since he was born. By the time Monday came around I was really ready to go home. It was a much needed time away and I felt really refreshed and renewed when I got home. What a blessing!
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, how fun!!! Love the pics. It looks and sounds like a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!