May 31, 2009

Been doing some reading...

I got this book about a month ago. I am finally getting around to doing some reading and I picked it up last night and read the first chapter.

I am really having a hard time balancing work and home. It is really getting the best of me right now. I know what my problem is...I'm not putting God first. My bible is on my nightstand collecting dust. My ipod that is loaded with the bible has no juice and I haven't charged it in a while. I have not been in the Word for over 2 months now. We finally got to church this morning. We had not been since April 18th. We will plan to go to church on Saturday evenings, but Lil'D will wake up too late or in a bad mood and we just don't make it. We will then plan to go on Sunday morning. We then will oversleep because we don't expect Lil'D to get up late. We got up at 8am this morning and got to church at 9:10. Lil'D thought about getting upset, but once he looked over the toys he decided he would be ok. The sermon was great and I took 3 pages of notes!!

After church we had a really lovely Sunday afternoon! We played monster trucks on the Wii. (Lil'D is all about monster trucks right now) We watched train videos on YouTube. Which led to trolley videos, and I have no idea how that led to teletubbies. Then more monster trucks.

Lil'D only had one accident this weekend. I think we are really making potty training progress!!

Pray for a smooth work week!

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Kaydee said...

I'm praying for you. And I won't ever stop!

Love you,