November 4, 2008

Our trick-or-treat night...

We were planning to leave the house at around 6:30pm to go to the fun festival at church. I was excited about trick-or-treaters coming to our door and Lil'D seeing the kids dressed in costumes. I was excited about Lil'D passing out candy and learning the phrase trick-or-treat.
No one came to our door.
We left for the fun festival and there was no one going from door to door in our neighborhood. I was shocked. Not a single trick-or-treater in sight. I'm glad we were going to the fun festival.
We had a great time at the fun festival. It was filled with game booths, candy, food and kids dressed up in their halloween best! Lil'D loved playing all the games. After he played each game, a bucket of candy was held out to him and he gently and ever so carefully chose one piece and put it in his bag. Of course, they offered him another. He really loved picking out suckers. Suckers are his favorite.
We stayed out till 9pm. We got home at 9:15. Lil'D didn't ask for any candy and we got him to bed at 9:45pm.
I've got some great photos...

♥ Elliemae

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Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

That sounds like a great Halloween! Sorry you didn't get any trick-or-treaters =(

We were told that kids don't come to our neighborhood, so we didn't buy any candy or put our porch light on. Guess what? The kids came and I had nothing to pass out. I felt bad.

I LOVE the slide show. It looks like you all had a great time and Lil'D is as adorable as ever!