December 10, 2007

Time...where can i get some?

Does anybody have any time that I can have? I just am having trouble getting everything in. December is a crazy month! I need an entire week off of work to just get it together!

  • Lil'D has his 18mos. doctor appointment this week.
  • My company christmas party is on Friday night. It is a theme party...Disco Fever. I decided to make a dress. My Mom helped with most of it, but it wasn't done by the time she left. I am going to a friend's house on Wednesday night and I know the dress will fit perfectly after that!
  • J's company christmas party is on Friday night as well. I am really bummed that I will miss it. It really stinks to think we will be at two different parties. Boo.
  • I have to put our christmas tree up.
  • I would like to get christmas cards out, but I haven't even bought them. It may not happen AGAIN this year.
  • We need to get our family portraits made.
  • I have gifts to buy for everyone. Lil'D is the only one I have shopped for.

I just need for Friday to be here, because I am working till 11am. The rest of the day is mine!!!

Workin' for the weekend!!!!!

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Kaydee said...

That sounds as crazy as my life, but without the kid and add on job hunting, which is going nowhere. But hang in there! It will all get done if it is supposed to get done. Anything that doesn't get done, didn't need to get done in the first place. (I always put Christmas cards in that last category!)

Sorry you couldn't make it to Mr. Celloist's concert. It was beautiful. Plus, we went out to dinner afterwards with him, his wife...Happy, and N and L C. It is always fun to hang out with friends. (Btw - that name is the best I could come up with on such short notice. And N and L don't have false names yet - Maybe Half-Marathon Man and the HR lady? J/K)

See you on Wednesday?