December 13, 2007

No Sew Fleece Blanket...

I found this for my mom:
A tutorial for a NO SEW FLEECE BLANKET.

Mom: just click on the word tutorial, once the website comes up scroll down till you get to the heading that says no sew fleece blanket and you can see how it is made!

Here is another website with more instructions for the no sew fleece blanket.

I also found some websites with great fleece selections:

The Fleece Lady

Happy Thursday!


Kaydee said...

I made one after I saw how easy they looked.

OK, so the tutorial is right. There is no sewing involved, and it is pretty easy to make. It failed to mention how long it would take! It took about 90 minutes to cut it all out and another 90 to tie ALL THOSE KNOTS!!! I did it on the floor and by the time I was finished my back and knees were killing me! Next time, if there is a next time, I will do it at a table!

One thing that saved me is that I have a cardboard sewing cutting board. It is about 3 feet by 6 feet and it is marked out in 1 inch grids. That made it really easy to cut the strips one inch apart.

So, the whole blanket really only took about three hours (or two Lifetime Christmas movies) and it turned out really cute. I've already wrapped it for my nephew, but I will show you a picture after my sister opens it.

It is solid forest green on one side and soft pastel safari animals on the other side. It is really cute and it goes with the jungle/safari theme my sister set out for him. Even the Intimidator like it!

Mama Bear June said...

There's an even easier way to make these. If you have rotary cutters and a mat, you can get a plastic Fringe Cut Ruler that has slots 1 inch apart. :-D Makes the cutting go a LOT faster.
Fringe Cut Ruler

Mama Bear June said...

Oh, and the Hancock Fabric website has a bunch of free projects, too. They include some fun fleece projects.