July 16, 2006

Trying to stay cool!!

This is my little man after taking a bath. He is 1 month old today!!
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I can't believe the weekend is already gone. Yesterday was just so darn hot J, Lil D and I stayed in the living room all day with our new airconditioner. J & I went to the movies last night and Lil D stayed with his Auntie E. We saw Pirates of the Caribean with Amy Jo and Scout. Auntie E said that Lil D was an angel and didn't cry at all! Yeah he is a good baby!! It was hard to be away from him just for 3 hours. Once the movie was over I was just ready to see him again. He & I have been attached at the hip for the past 4 weeks that it is hard to be separated from him. I think I did pretty good for the first time being apart from him. I am trying to gradually get used to being separated from him before I go back to work.

Today J & I went over to Amy Jo & Scout's house. J has been installing their new kitchen and had 3 cabinets to install. They had their airconditioner cranked up and it was nice and cool in their house!! We got home at about 4:15. J had to get ready and go to his softball games.
Lil D and I stayed in the AC living room and watched tv. Nice and relaxing.
-Until tomorrow

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