February 7, 2006

Ok, I'm back

I don't know why it has been so hard to blog lately. I know Kaydee, I lag!!! The past weeks have just flown by. I live weekend to weekend. J & I have been trying to fix up the house. We have been getting some painting done and we got a new couch. We are also trying to get rid of our old couch. It is in our dining room right now. Everything is kind of in disarray. I feel totally out of control. I think I have finally gotten out of my lathargic stage and have started to see the first sign of a nesting stage. I cleaned my refrigerator on Sunday.
Yesterday I booked my Mom's flight. She is coming March 11 and I am taking a week of vacation. She is going to help me get the baby room and guest room in order, unless I am so motivated to get it all done before she gets here.(Yeah, right)
Here is a photo of my baby boy: Little D!!

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-Until tomorrow

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Kaydee said...

Yeah! You're back! I missed you.

I hope all your painting and fix up goes well. Let me know if I can help. The next two weekends and booked solid, but let me know if you need help after that.