February 8, 2006

Another work day

Today was a good day as soon as the morning was over. I have severe chest pain this morning. It doesn't feel good until I take a shower. I called the baby doctor to make sure that the inhaler that the doctor prescribed was ok. It is. I'm glad...pain is not fun!!(really?)
This week is really going by fast. I like those kind of weeks. Today was a catch up day. "Senior" designer is in Bozeman, Montana today with a client. I organized files and trained my new officemate. Her name is...I haven't come up with her blog name...to be determined. Anyway, she is really great. She will be taking over "Senior" designer's jobs while I am on maternity leave!!
Here is what is going on with all my current jobs:
Sim..it is almost done with the installation. Everything is installed except for the island in the kitchen. We are about to measure for countertops.

Sim Kitchen Floorplan Posted by Picasa

Ken...We are working on the guest bath now. The tile is going in. We are tiling the walls and floor.

Ken Guest Bath Floorplan Posted by Picasa

Gor...Has been installed. We are done. Tonight the client's are having an anniversary party. The job is beautiful. I need to get pictures and post them! Here is the floorplan:

Gor Kitchen Floorplan Posted by Picasa

Far...We are doing the office now. I just got the order in for the cabinetry. It takes about 7 weeks till they are ready for delivery. Here is the floorplan:

Far Office Floorplan Posted by Picasa

Py...Almost all the cabinets have been delivered. The kitchen install will start on Monday, Feb 13. I'm really ready for this job start! Especially the activity room. Which is a huge entertainment center bookcase that makes and L and takes up 2 huge walls. It will be beautiful!!
Here is the Kitchen Floorplan & the Activity Room Floorplan below it

Py Kitchen Floorplan Posted by Picasa

Py Activity Room Floorplan Posted by Picasa

Rich...this is a new job that just got ordered. It is such a cool floorplan I have to post it for you...Here it is:

Rich Kitchen Floorplan Posted by Picasa

Pretty cool huh? This is the center of the house and the stairs lead to the second story.

This is a majority of what is in progress, whether it be ordering, installation or punch lists.
-Until tomorrow

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