May 2, 2006

I'm back!

Ok, so I know I have fallen behind for the past 3 months. Pregnancy is harder than I thought it would be. Not that I thought it would be easy. It's just really hard to control your emotions and make yourself do things when you just don't have the energy. I haven't touched the internet. At work I am constantly on the computer and when I come home I just want to veg and rest. I only have 10 days left till my last day at work!!! I'm really happy about that. I take all the stress home with me. I just want to relax and think and worry about the pregnancy only. I'm kidding myself if I say I'm not worried. I think it's just the unknown that I worry about. Some days I am stronger than others.
Today has been an angry day. I started the day out angry. So angry I cried. It was really stupid what I was angry about. My clothes were left in the washer from Sunday and they smelled bad when I put them in the dryer. I couldn't control the rush of emotions I had. When I got to work every person I talked to on the phone was being a stupid person. I know that is not nice to call people stupid. But like my dad says sometimes you just have to call them what they are.
I am actually having a better day now. I have calmed down and prayed about it. The Lord will get me through the day!
-Until tomorrow

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